Tattooing: Dark Art in Edmonton

Adam Savage
Birthed from the fires of hell as Adam Donesley, then raised and trained atop of the highest most perilous mountains of Valhalla, I have taken the name Adam Savage. In eighth grade, I remember telling a friend that I thought it would be cool to put my artwork on other people. It seemed like the logical next step after high school since I'd been drawing all my life. I've been asked why I got into tattooing and while my initial answer is Satan, lol, the truth is that I just kind of fell into it. My favorite styles to do are bio mech/organic, portraiture, new school, realism, anything dark/ evil / abstract or reproduction. I've been tattooing 8 short years. In addition to tattooing, I am also a musician, music being an equal passion to art. I also bake cookies!